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Founding Member, BSAB, Director of Dinamica Mental, Mexico City, Mexico City's Number One radio talk show host Dr. Rosa Rivas (Rosita) is a world-renowned authority in the areas of human development. With over 40 years of experience teaching and creating workshops/courses for both the general public and the medical community.

Rosita is a clinical psychotherapist specializing in Tanathology, Logotherapy and Psych-oncology. She has received degrees in Neurophisiology, Clinical electroencephalography, Psychorientology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and, has a Masters in Mysticism.

Rosita is the host of two daily radio shows in Mexico City’s Grupo Radio Centro. The shows are based on meditation, clear thinking, awareness and mental health. She covers issues form the latest medical techniques to exploring the ancient texts, religions and philosophies that help us develop into better, socially conscious people. You may now receive these shows as Podcasts in the US and around the world.

She has developed workshops for: Colgate-Palmolive, Ingelheim-Boehringer Laboratories, Pepsi-Cola, Mexican Federal Police Force and the Mexican Social Security System. She is a consulting doctor on stress management for Pharmaton Laboratories in Switzerland.

In 2002 Rosita received the “Legion of Liberty” award given by the Ludwig von Mises Cultural Institute in Auburn, Alabama.

She is the author to three best-selling books published by Ediciones Urano in Barcelona, Spain: “Saber crecer: Resilencia y espiritualidad”; “Saber pensar: Dinamica mental y calidad de vida”; y “Saber perdonar: Paz y libertad.”