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Benita Marshall | Bangles and Bracelets For Women | BuDhaHomage by BuDhaGirl

Benita Marshall

Rising to the motion of the ocean and the light of the sun is always something I want to do for the rest of my life. I am a certified yoga and pilates instructor and believe that health is truly we...

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Erika Ramelli International Wellness coach and consultant at Better Humans wearing BuDhaGirl 3 Kings AWB in Ivory | BuDhaHomage

Erika Ramelli

Erika is an internationally published author and the founder of Better Humans, an international Wellness Consulting Firm with clients in 15 countries. She possesses a Master's degree in Herbology, ...

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Marilyn Mattei | Bangles and Bracelets For Women | BuDhaHomage by BuDhaGirl

Marilyn Mattei

Marilyn Mattei... My mom, my heroine, my warrior. She is a humble woman, full of love, kindness, and resilience. She is a role model for younger women everywhere.. Marilyn is a Breast Cancer surviv...

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Ana Amare

Ana Amare

When I read the BuDhaHomage stories of empowered women, I immediately thought of Ana, she is always helping others and is unstoppable! I want people to know and understand Ana's continuous work.

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Lua Hancock, Sr. Consultant at Take Action Institute | BuDhaHomage

Lua Hancock

Micki Meyer: “I met Lua over a decade ago through some shared work that we do in higher education administration. I was immediately drawn to her positive energy and love of others.What I've ...

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Sara Pringle Founder of Healing Hands|BuDhaHomage by BuDhaGirl

Sara Pringle

I have witnessed firsthand what an amazing person Sara is, she has a gift of being able to empathize with other people. She understands what people are feeling and actually does something about it.

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Alysia Mendoza, Owner of The Wellness Village Inc. | BuDhaHomage by BuDhaGirl

Alysia Mendoza

Alysia's greatest strength is getting people to see themselves in the way that she sees them. She can find good in everybody and work with them to make them see it too. I knew that she would be per...

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Amy Holiber, National Program Director of Lipstick Angels | BuDhaHomage by BuDhaGirl

Amy Holiber

Lipstick Angels uses the power of beauty to transform and heal, similarly to how BuDhaGirl uses mindfulness to bring moments of reflection into daily life.

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Shea Politte, Founder & President at The FOUND Mission | BuDhaHomage by BuDhaGirl

Shea Politte

My heart said out loud: “Put me down for the next seven years.”After eight years of serving inside schools, I realized how powerful it can be to provide a space like this.

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Pamela Bingham, COTA (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant) | BuDhaHomage by BuDhaGirl

Pamela Bingham

"I believe ritual is important because...It can be things that center us that make our life daily life meaningful."

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