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Welcome to the world of BuDhaGirl, where we believe that life’s everyday routines can be transformed into meaningful rituals. Founded in 2013 by Jessica Jesse, a visionary contemplative arts practitioner, luxury retail expert, and creative powerhouse, our brand is on a mission to inspire people to mindfully connect with themselves and each other.

Jessica’s vision, known as Mindful Glamour®, invites you to embrace the beauty of the present moment, set heartfelt intentions, and express gratitude as an integral part of your daily rituals. We believe that mindfulness and glamour can coexist harmoniously, enriching your life in ways you never thought possible.

At the heart of BuDhaGirl lies our core product line—the renowned All Weather Bangles®. The extraordinary bangles and not just accessories, they are waterproof, soundless, weightless, and TSA-proof—truly designed for a life well-lived. Our cherished clients are more than just customers; they are collectors and stewards of our brand, sharing their bangles with others and spreading the message of presence, joy, and intention-setting.

Each All Weather Bangle® is a masterpiece, crafted by the skilled hands of over 20 artisans. We take pride in creating these bangles with meticulous attention to detail. The production of AWB® takes place in Thailand, while our diverse product collections feature treasures sourced from India, Mexico, and the United States, making each piece a unique fusion of inspiration and global artistry.

At BuDhaGirl we’re not just a brand, we’re a lifestyle. We invite you to join us on this journey to celebrate your daily rituals, embrace the power of mindfulness, and adorn yourself with the essence of Mindful Glamour®. Let us inspire you to live each moment to the fullest, cherish the beauty of intention, and share this joy with the world.