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Articolo: Erika Ramelli

Erika Ramelli International Wellness coach and consultant at Better Humans wearing BuDhaGirl 3 Kings AWB in Ivory | BuDhaHomage
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Erika Ramelli


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Erika Ramelli
International Wellness Coach & Consultant

Erika Ramelli International Wellness coach and consultant at Better Humans wearing BuDhaGirl 3 Kings AWB in Ivory | BuDhaHomage
Why Erika
Erika Ramelli and friend Bethlyn Gerard | BuDhaHomage

Bethlyn Gerard: Erika is easy to shine a light on and amplify her work! Erika and I have been friends for about a decade now, we were joined together by a mutual friend, and we have remained friends ever since. Erika is an internationally published author and the founder of Better Humans, an international Wellness Consulting Firm with clients in 15 countries. She possesses a Master's degree in Herbology, and her vast integral knowledge of natural remedies and successful experience in corporate America have placed her as a key resource in wellness and personal mastery.

Erika and I both share a love and respect for BuDhaGirl. We were both introduced to BuDhaGirl at the Crow Museum of Art's Lynn Lecture Series. I won a raffle that day and received a gift from BuDhaGirl  which I loved, and went to visit BuDhaGirl's headquarters to purchase more items for gifting to friends bringing Erika along with me. So nominating Erika for BuDhaHomage was easy because she shared that initial BuDhaGirl experience with me. We have traded BuDhaGirl ideals as friends and businesswomen ever since. 

Erika's Journey

About me...

I am a master herbalist and am of Switzerland and Colombian heritage. I grew up in Switzerland and Europe and moved to the United States at 19. I was born hypersensitive and clairvoyant and have worked with energy since childhood. I believe that once you can see behind the veil of perception, you can connect to reality and all life forms, humans, animals, plants, and nature in a more aligned and attuned fashion. I have studied many ancestral practices from renowned Masters, Shamans, and indigenous elders and used those principles to create a unique healing program for modern urban living. We all have the potential to manifest reality to be happy, healthy, and wealthy.

My experiential programs teach, coach, and assist individuals in achieving physical, emotional, mental, and professional balance. I educate on the powerful relationship between thought form, behavior, nutrition and how lifestyle choices affect overall health.

Erika Ramelli of Better Humans meditating on pillow wearing BuDhaGirl's Chamonix beaded bracelets | BuDhaHomage
Erika Ramelli of Better Humans wearing BuDhaGirl Chamonix beaded bracelets in clear holding personal mantra card | BuDhaHomage

When did your journey of mindfulness begin? 

Through the divine transmission of the spirit, I began "officially" meditating at the early age of 12 years old. As a child, I told my parents that my purpose in life was to help humans in the process of their ascension. We are all built from the same genetic recipe; we have the ability to manifest the life we desire, a life filled with happiness, health, and abundance, 

I began working with herbs around 9 or 10 years old. I learned from a master herbalist who was a nun, she taught me how to make a lot of tinctures, salves and teas, medieval style. I naturally connected and was in tune with the plants in the garden, this is where the spark began. 

Tell us a bit about Better Humans...  What motivated you to start?

When I graduated college, I dreamed of creating a company that would assist in bettering humankind. I started Better Humans because no one understood energy and how to restore your health programming to activate consciousness. I wanted to ignite every soul's power to manifest the life they truly desire. I became certified as a stress management counselor, got my Master's degree in Herbology, and took several other classes to aid in my profession. I have lived and studied with indigenous people living as they did and learned how they used plants and community to thrive and heal. Better Humans wants you to live a life of complete bliss. All of our programs teach how energy and vibration work together through our bodies. When I started, very few people were guiding from that aspect. 

If you had a magic wand you would...

I would lift the veil that creates a false perception of reality and what's possible, so that individuals can realize their divine co-creative power. I think pain is apart of life but suffering is optional. Many people stay stuck in the cycle of suffering.  They have forgot that they have the power to change their experiences and their perception of those experiences.

Erika Ramelli of Better Humans holding BuDhaGirl Silk Canister in Champagne wearing gold jewelry | BuDhaHomage

What are your hobbies?

I am lucky enough to work as my hobby! My work is what I love to do, so it isn't seen as work but as my daily hobby of helping others become better humans. I love working with plants, making new recipes, and traveling. I enjoy speaking with elders because there's so much knowledge that we can gain from them. Reading and skiing are also a few of my hobbies. One of my favorite places to ski is in Switzerland, of course! I love Colorado and the Canadian Rockies as well. I gravitate more towards the mountains than the ocean. I also love gardening; there are a few herbs that I keep with me at all times: Rosemary, Basil, and Thyme, and I love Chili peppers for their capsaicin benefits. 

Your greatest challenge....

My greatest challenge is getting others to believe they can become the greatest versions of themselves by healing and igniting the power within. We can change our experiences. I have been put to the test and had my creditability questioned and doubted as I've helped others navigate their path in the most mindful way through plants, vibrations, and rituals. 

Your rituals... 

Ritual is essential; it is important to have reverence. My morning ritual includes a beverage that is either a coffee, tea, or a warm drink, according to how my body feels upon waking. My favorite coffee consists of ceremonial-grade cacao that is 100% pure pressed, opens the heart, and relaxes the soul. My evening ritual includes a tuning fork that I use on my Heart Chakra, Third Eye, Crown, and liver. I place the tuning fork on my body, and it sends a vibration that helps release the tension from the day. I also try to read an evening meditation. 

How can members of the  BuDha Tribe help you and Better Humans?

The BuDha Tribe can help Better Humans by deciding that they deserve the best for their lives. Once that decision has been made, they can shop on our website for the best "O-Mazing" products and treatments or attend an upcoming retreat. Daily, we are helping others navigate their path in the most mindful way.

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