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Silhouette of Woman Meditating in Front of Moon with Pink Lotus in Foreground | BuDhaGirl

Moon Memos

For quite some time now I have been wanting to create a Moon Space for BuDhaGirl and after nearly ten years of research, study, and practice, I would like to share this very special space with you. I invite you to journey with me and together we will set intentions and see our progress as well as our flexibility to grow and change in the company of the Moon. Let’s create a warm, creative, and wise Moon community together.

Gold Moon Phases in a Circle | BuDhaGirl

Moon Phases

One of the most well-known moon rituals involves aligning activities with specific lunar phases. The lunar cycle consists of four primary phases: new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon. Each phase is believed to carry distinct energies that influence human emotions, intentions, and spiritual growth.

Gold All Weather Bangle Bracelets on Model with Carnations and Moon in Background | Moon Intentions | BuDhaGirl

Moon Intentions

Setting intentions is a powerful practice that can significantly impact various aspects of life, influencing personal growth, mindset, and the achievement of goals. Intentions are like a compass for the mind, providing direction and focus. Here's a closer look at the power of setting intentions...

Gold All Weather Bangle Bracelets on Model with Carnations and Moon in Background | Moon Intentions | BuDhaGirl
Moon Exercises | BuDhaGirl

Moon Exercises

This July, I invite you to treat yourself to two enchanting water rituals. The first is creating Moon Water, and the second is performing a Moon Bath Ritual. Both are especially powerful during a full moon, but you can perform them anytime your spirit calls you.

Full Moon Dinners.jpg__PID:bb9a2b87-e505-4292-b5c8-f51f204db74e

Full Moon Dinners

A Full Moon Dinner is not always just about food, it is about ritual too. It is about preparation. Choosing a menu, making your shopping list, setting the table, timing and organization, special drinks, and above all what is your mood for this dinner. All your wonderful creative energies will go towards orchestrating an evening to be remembered.

Full Moon Dinner | BuDhaGirl
July Buck Moon Bangle Bracelet Stack of the Week | BuDhaGirl

July's Buck Moon

Introducing our Buck Moon Stack, a celestial celebration in honor of July's full moon, known as the Buck Moon. This enchanting wristscape® pays tribute to the majestic growth of deer antlers and the height of Summer's splendor beneath the moon's luminous glow.