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A woman wearing multiple bracelets and a gold ring on her wrist.


BuDhaGirl embarks on a profound journey, intent on kindling the very essence that sets your passions ablaze. Today, with a sense of reverence, we unveil an enchanting chapter—the alluring Flint Collection. Our Flint Collection stands as a testament to the resilience found in subtlety—a quiet strength that mirrors the unassuming exterior of Flint. The profound shades of gray carry a veil of an enigma, inspiring you to navigate the deep mysteries of your existence.

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Fringe Bag | Travel Purse | Vacation Handbag | Lola Bag BuDhaGirlFringe Bag | Travel Purse | Vacation Handbag | Lola Bag BuDhaGirl
Lola Bag Sale priceRs. 14,200.00

8 colors available

Canvas Tote Bag | Bags and Accessories | BuDhaGirlCanvas Tote Bag | Bags and Accessories | BuDhaGirl
Cité Tote - Canvas Sale priceRs. 29,200.00

2 colors available