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June Birthday Stack

June Birthday Bangle Bracelet Stack For Cancer - Pink Moonstone Gemstone Bangle | BuDhaGirl
June Birthday Stack Bangle Bracelets for Women - Pink Moonstone Luxe All Weather Bangles, Gold Tzubbie All Weather Bangles and Pink Morganite Aurora Crystal bangle bracelet | BuDhaGirl
June Birthday Stack Bangle Bracelets for Women - Pink Moonstone Luxe All Weather Bangles, Gold Tzubbie All Weather Bangles and Pink Morganite Aurora Crystal bangle bracelet | BuDhaGirl

June Birthday Stack

Begin your June Birthday Stack with our Pink Moonstone LUXE AWB, then add the elegant Calista Cuff in Moonstone, and finish with our ever-glamorous Pink Morganite Aurora bangle.

The Gemstone: Pink Moonstone

Ever since ancient times, the June birthstones have been valued for their alluring beauty and soft luster.

Ancients believed that pearls like moonstones were teardrops that fell from heaven. The Hindus believed that moonstones were born from moonbeams, whereas many other cultures used these gems to harness the powers of the moon.

As a birthstone, these ethereal gems are said to symbolize passion, wisdom, fertility, and love. Wearing a moonstone is also believed to bring in good luck and fortune. Those with these elegant birthstones, moonstones, tend to have a keen eye, keeping watch on everything and everyone around them.

If an alexandrite personality spots a problem, they're already working on a solution. Roman historian Pliny the Elder gave moonstone its name, claiming it shifted appearance with the moon's phases. The gem comes in a variety of shades, from yellow, peach and pink to green and gray.

Those born in June often have keen instincts and should listen to their intuition. They always seem to make decisions at the most opportune moments.

The Pink Moonstone Luxe AWB has a strand of natural 2mm Pink Moonstone totaling approximately 2.12 carats, the bangle is sealed with our Serenity Prayer Bead in 925 silver dipped in 18 carat gold.

Handcrafted in Thailand.

The Pink Morganite Aurora bangle is handcrafted in Rajasthan, India.

All the stones are hand-set and the bangle is gold-dipped brass with a crystal magnetic closure.

The Aurora bangle is one size fits most.  

Hand-crafted gold-dipped brass is formed into a delicate ellipse to mold exquisitely onto your wrist.

Adorned with three birthstone crystal eyes. Four tiny clear crystals surround each eye to complete a darling gold cuff.

Handcrafted in India. One size fits most.

The Star Sign: Cancer

JUN 21 - JUL 20

Cancer is a cardinal water sign. Represented by the crab, this oceanic crustacean seamlessly weaves between the sea and shore, representing Cancer’s ability to exist in both emotional and material realms.

Cancers are highly intuitive and their psychic abilities manifest in tangible spaces: For instance, Cancers can effortlessly pick up the energies in a room. These crabs are highly sensitive to their environments, as well as extremely self-protective.

Much like their celestial spirit animal, Cancers are shielded by hard, external shells. At first, these crabs may be perceived as cold or distant.With time, though, Cancers reveal their gentle nature, genuine compassion, and mystical capabilities. Just don't be surprised if it takes a while to get to know them.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, the celestial body that represents comfort, self-care, and maternal energies. Accordingly, Cancers tend to be domestically oriented. They love to create cozy, safe spaces that serve as their personal sanctuaries, then spend lots of time in them.

Cancers care deeply about their families and are quick to adopt caregiver roles. But these crabs must be careful: When Cancers invest in someone emotionally, they risk blurring the line between attentive nurturing and controlling behavior.

Cancers attract friends and lovers through their loyalty, commitment, and emotional depth. These crustaceans make excellent hosts and enjoy entertaining with comfort food and free-flowing libations. (Cancer rules the stomach, so there’s nothing these crabs love more than a home-cooked meal.)

If you're not a fan of Cancer’s attachment to the home, that may be a bit of a problem. Though these celestial crabs avoid direct conflict by walking at an angle, they can inflict a harsh pinch with their distinctive brand of passive-aggressiveness.

It may be difficult to convince a Cancer to talk openly about what's bothering them, but if you can do it without making them feel threatened, you'll build long-lasting trust.