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Articolo: International Women's Day

International Women's Day Black Bracelet Stack and Temple Tea Bundle | BuDhaGirl

International Women's Day

In my role as Creative Director at BuDhaGirl, my team recently posed some thought-provoking questions regarding International Women’s Day: What does it signify to me? How do I define empowerment? Where do women stand in today’s world? And, who serves as my source of inspiration?

These inquiries are not easily tackled, as they carry significant historical weight. However, amidst the complexity, one question stood out: Who inspires me?

While many might assume my inspiration stems from someone older and more seasoned, my answer comes effortlessly, and it begins with gratitude. Firstly, I want to express my appreciation to my team for posing the question, and secondly, I'm grateful to the universe for providing the platform to share my response.

My daily source of inspiration and mentorship is none other than my 21-year-old daughter, Sloane. From the moment she entered this world as a tiny bundle of joy, she exuded a wisdom beyond her years—an old soul with a heart of kindness. Named Sloane Marina, signifying 'Warrior of the Sea,' she embodies the spirit of a true warrior.

Collage of Images of Sloane Jesse for International Women's Day | BuDhaGirl

Sloane is a disruptor; she perceives the world through a unique lens. Her insights are not only brilliant and timely but also ruthlessly accurate and at times, downright hilarious. Fearlessly, she ventures into uncharted territories, guided by her pure spirit and an unfiltered view of reality. While she embraces modernity and edginess, she remains steadfast in her commitment to manners and protocol.

Her intelligence brings me immense comfort. Yes, she possesses a sharp mind, coupled with a love for literature and a remarkable talent for art and illustration. However, it's her innate common sense that truly sets her apart—a quality that is truly invaluable. Observing her approach to problem-solving ignites my own creativity and inspires me to explore unconventional solutions.

Sloane isn't just my daughter; she's my closest confidante and ally. She has an uncanny ability to understand and empathize with my struggles, often serving as the beacon of light during my darkest moments. With her quick wit and infectious humor, she effortlessly lifts me out of any funk and teaches me to laugh at myself. As my shopping companion, Sloane's impeccable taste and unfiltered honesty are invaluable, even if her candidness sometimes stings!

Beyond being my culinary partner-in-crime, Sloane is a talented chef in her own right. Her delectable pastries could easily rival those of a Great British Bake Off finalist, not to mention her mouthwatering ramen and inventive Tomato Crostata.

Collage of Sloane M. Jesse Baking and Cooking

They say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and in Sloane's case, it would be the highest compliment one could bestow upon me.

As we reflect on what it means to be a woman in 2024, I encourage you to find your own kindred spirit, mentor, or friend who will stand by you unconditionally. Someone with whom you can be authentically yourself, knowing that you are cherished just as you are.

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