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Article: The Fascinating Variety of BuDhaGirl All Weather Bangles®

What are All Weather Bangles & their different types | BuDhaGirl

The Fascinating Variety of BuDhaGirl All Weather Bangles®

It's the perfect time to explore the captivating world of bangles, those ageless accessories that grace our wrists with elegance. These simple yet profound ornaments have a rich history and cultural significance that spans the globe, making them a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

The Fascinating Variety of BuDhaGirl All Weather Bangles®

At BuDhaGirl, you can discover an exquisite range of All Weather Bangles (AWB®) that are not only stylish but also carry deeper meanings:

Core All Weather Bangles | BuDhaGirl

Core All Weather Bangles®: Crafted with precision, these AWB® orbs are made from polyvinyl carbonate infused with metallic leaves and suspended in luxurious organic oil. Each set includes a Serenity prayer bead made of uncoated brass, a gentle reminder to let go of what's beyond your control.


Three Kings All Weather Bangles | BuDhaGirl

Three Kings All Weather Bangles®: Named for their three hues of gold, these sets feature Lotus prayer beads in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, creating a regal and stylish combination on your wrist.


Three Queens All Weather Bangles | BuDhaGirl

Three Queens All Weather Bangles®: These translucent bangles are adorned with delicate crystals in various hues and include the Lotus prayer beads, enhancing their elegance.


Luxe All Weather Bangle | Natural Gemstone Birthstone Bracelet for Women | BuDhaGirl

Luxe All Weather Bangle®: Filled with precious gemstones of varying colors and properties, these bangles boast a sterling silver Serenity Prayer bead dipped in 3 microns of 18kt gold for a touch of luxury.


Yin & Yang All Weather Bangles | BuDhaGirl

Yin Yang All Weather Bangles®: Embracing balance, the Yin Yang bangles combine two contrasting color elements and are adorned with the exclusive Universe bead, a gold-plated brass bead with a clear faceted crystal.

All Season Bangles™ For Kids: Like the core AWB®, these bangles aim to start the younger generation with rituals, mindfulness, and style. Each set includes a Serenity prayer bead made of uncoated brass to remind them to relinquish what they can't control.

Bangles Are For Everyone

Incorporate All Weather Bangles into your daily life to add a touch of elegance and meaning. All Weather Bangles are for everyone, regardless of age or gender. Whether you're a woman, a man, or a child, there's an All Weather Bangle for you. 

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