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Article: A World of Rituals at Our Feet: A Guide to Embracing Pregame Rituals

A World of Rituals at Our Feet: A Guide to Embracing Pregame Rituals

A World of Rituals at Our Feet: A Guide to Embracing Pregame Rituals

The world watches the FIFA Women's World Cup, where talent & passion intertwine, and a list of the most renowned women, one of them being a USA favorite, Alex Morgan. With the beautiful landscapes of Australia and New Zealand as the center stage, the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 takes place from July 20th - August 20th, exciting hearts across the globe. Yet, amidst the cheers and applause for these exceptional athletes, We at BuDhaGirl can't help but wonder. 

What are their pregame rituals? 

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What is a Pregame Ritual? 

Within an everyday routine lie the keys to your own mental and physical Success… or, as we like to say …Turning our routines into rituals. 

Three examples of an athlete’s pregame rituals often include: 

  1. Meditating: The art of meditation is where many players may find their inner peace, a sanctuary where the chaos of the world disappears. Here, anxiety often retreats, self-awareness blossoms, and mental clarity becomes one of their most valuable players or MVPs.
  2. Visualizing: The power of visualization can be an incredible tool that can transcend your very own reality. By imagining your success, you can actually achieve success.   
  3. Getting in the ZONE: Embracing the essence of finding one's center often can do wonders for your mental balance. Whether one gets in the zone by adorning their body with their Uniform or wrapping their wrist in AWB®, one's serenity can define the difference between great and excellent.

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The Importance of a Pregame Ritual: 

In the world of pregame rituals, this art transcends the confinement of a soccer field. As humans, we should all have our own sacred rituals. As echoed in "Reflections of a BuDhaGirl," rituals can grant us stability, dispel anxiety, and create a mindset for success. 

What are Some Pregame Ritual Ideas? 

Embrace the art of creating your very own pregame ritual. Your rituals don’t have to resonate with everyone. And most importunately, your ritual can be simple!  

Whether you perform your ritual with the dark blue bracelet AWB® or hum a little song when you wake up, you can change the perception of your reality. 

We Wish them luck. 

As we extend our unwavering support to the USA Team amid this grandiose event, our heartfelt wishes are for everyone to experience health and success.  

For Everyone watching the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023, we encourage you to create, participate, and perform your own pregame rituals, not as an empty gesture but as a sacred promise to yourself.  

As we witness the world's finest female soccer players, may their pregame rituals remind us of the boundless opportunities lying at our feet.  

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